Blaž Vrecko from Slovenia is a man that stands behind Reconceal and Recon6. Being primarily known for his work with Andy Blueman on a song "The World To Come" and helping form the orchestral uplifting sound of today with Perceptive Records, he also had a successful string of releases on formerly Tiesto-owned Black Hole Recordings subdivision, In Trance We Trust, helped with the appearance of the song "Second Chance(Amex Remix)" on the legendary compilation "In Trance We Trust 014". He also appeared as DJ and Eureka! resident beside guests such as Dash Berlin, W&W, Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson, John O'Callaghan and many more... He is also a resident of Maribor based "Feel The Trance" organization and is curently releasing on Silent Shore Records, with his sound being a combination of modern big room trance production influences combined with his old love of flowing, powerful, even dramatic melodies and orchestral, cinematic breakdowns.

A participant of the impulse tracker demo scene, Blaž, quickly adopted modern tools as they became more available, making his first trance song in 2001. In 2007, he released his first EP in "Alter Ego" sublabel, "Inov8 Recordings", entitled "Reconceal EP", which was followed by 2 more EPs. He remixed and got remixed by established and forthcoming artists, like Suncatcher, Ihren Stowers, Lee Haslam and Manuel le Saux among others. All of these songs received great support from industry top players as a time, like Ferry Corsten, M.I.K.E., Markus Shultz and even by Armin van Buuren on "A State Of Trance" Episode 326. Next step was a transition to Perceptive Recordings, where he released "When I Find You", which was introduced by Paul van Dyks radio show and later picked up and played numerous times live by the master Tiesto himself in his last months on the trance scene. Next in line was perhaps the best known work of his, "The World To Come" on Perceptive recordings, a collaboration with global trance fans favorite producer Andy Blueman. The release took the hearts of almost everyone, generating enormous buzz, whole release being charted in Beatport Top 100 and being played and supported by almost everyone in the trance business. It was also one of the minority of releases that get a vinyl reprint and is being popular to this day. In summer 2009, Blaž participated in Eureka! Anthem Competition which was held at Slovenian electronic music festival in Koper, Disconautica 2009. His song, »Second Chance«, won and turned quite a few ears his way. Italian DJ and producer Amex offered to do a remix of it, which landed on legendary trance compilation »In Trance We Trust 014«, mixed by Daniel Wanrooy. Compilation was released in autumn 09 on a formerly Tiesto-owned Black Hole Records sublablel "In Trance We Trust". "Second Chance EP" was released shortly afterward featuring, for the first time, a Recon6 remix, which is another of Blažs aliases, with more of an electro, big room, modern sound deviating from old uplifting formulas. It was followed by "Easy Way Out" EP again on "In Trance We Trust", and was very successful, charting in Beatport "Must hear trance tracks" chart and climbing to 29th spot on Trance top 100 chart on Beatport.

Djing was the next logical step. He released a few songs after that, like a remix for Amex "One Step Behind" on Shah music records, a remix for Angel Ace titled St. Thomas that was released on Digital Society Records and very anticipated EP entitled “Supersensual” that saw the light of day on “Mondo Records”, presenting tunes Walk on the Beach, Supersensual and Wanderer. Reconceal also remixed fellow Slovenian superstar DJ and producer Reaky, his tune “Eskylator” got a Recon6 makeover and was released on legendary “Discover Dark Records”, but after that, he commited to DJin and began to refresh, refine and redefine his production sound to be in line with his DJ performances.

Reconceal is firmly established in Slovenia today as a trance DJ second only to Elyksir and is extending his cooperation with Eureka! Music as a senior resident DJ. Having played with DJs like Preach, Martin Roth, Lange, M.I.K.E. , Tab of Super 8 & Tab fame, Greg Downey, Dash Berlin and Simon Patterson, Kyau & Albert, W&W and Jorn Van Deynhoven, John O'Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, for the first time abroad with Guiseppe Ottaviani in Zagreb, Croatia, he is looking forward for more great gigs, and is setting his eyes towards the clubs of broader region and beyond.

In 2013, 3 years after his last release, Reconceal is coming back grand style. Rediscovered. Reengineered. Refreshed. New sound, a combination of modern big room trance production influences combined with his old love of flowing, powerful, even dramatic melodies and orchestral, cinematic breakdowns, he is ready to storm the scene once again.